Moon is still in Capricorn (so those with Cappy moon in their natal chart may feel more emotional than usual today so be gentle with yourselves).

This may also be a challenging day for those who are estranged from their Dads, including a lot of kids who reside with their Mums or have Dads who are absent due to their work.

Capricorn moon illuminates our relationship with the father. So if we feel we weren’t supported, encouraged, mentored and understood by our Dads, we can unwittingly project that on the world & carry a chip on our shoulder with the weight of the projection that the world at large will treat us accordingly.

This is because the masculine is the energy polarity of the external world. So it pays to heal your relationship with the masculine.

We can do this by ensuring we have males in our life with whom we share a soulful connection – brothers, rather than viewing men as potential predators, competitors or someone to seduce.

The world will not be healed until we awaken brotherly love – between men who are often the ones most afraid of emotional & psychological intimacy with each other, for fear of being exposed for their unhealed masculinity or being pursued or misinterpreted.

Brotherly love is grown in the monthly practice of men’s circles and retreats that hold a safe space with clear intent for men to gather & risk being seen & heard in authentic transparency. This practice is what matures men so they wear the robes of all their roles; partners, dads, friends, brothers, uncles with noble grace.

Blessings on your day,


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