The moon is still in Capricorn. So you may find yourself questioning the structures in your life & considering what practical changes you can make to alleviate a situation that once offered support but now feels oppressive.

Growth is inevitable, so this is an assessment we need to make on a cyclic basis if we are to honour the process of life.

The key is to reclaim one’s inner authority. To go within & identify what feels supportive & what doesn’t. For example, you may feel you need the security a job or a living situation offers which is eroding your nervous system with daily stress. Or you may stay in a marriage, friendship or with a carer who has the best of intentions but who is unable to honour your true needs.

Moon in Capricorn asks us to feel the effect of our existing structures & question whether we have outgrown them. For our feelings are the true barometer of whether a situation is truly sustainable on all levels – emotionally, mentally, energetically & physically.

Restructuring our lives can feel frightening, as this means finding the confidence in ourselves to start over & build from the ground up. This requires our ‘inner father’ to trust in our ability to create a new structure which provides for our needs & protects us. Ironically, the longer we stay in a situation that doesn’t reflect our true needs, the more it erodes our self-confidence to take right action to the point of paralysis.

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