The moon is still in Capricorn, making this a time to pave a new road ahead if the time-track you’re on is not your happiest future trajectory.

Reality is fluid as we create according to our personal choices. So ultimately our biggest hurdle is what we dare to imagine is possible for ourselves.

Often we will ‘play it safe’ & over-ride our own intuition due to the projections of others who may tell us to ‘stick with what we have’ according to their own expectations of lack & limitation.

Capricorn is the sign of ambition – daring to think big, so you make preparations to scale a mountain instead of a hill. Preparation starts with self-examination – questioning our beliefs & also our motives – for true motivation stems from feeling a sense of ultimate oneness to all…there is no greater high.

This state of oneness will never be felt through attaining recognition, wealth, power, fame or status as these heighten our sense of separation. It will be felt through making a difference to as many people as possible, which expands into being a bigger person. This in turn creates a life that is larger than what we dreamed possible.

So be grateful for where you find yourself today & all the lessons it has taught you but don’t be afraid to think beyond what you can currently see & touch. Ponder options beyond your comfort zone & consider what you could do to make a difference – remembering that what may seem small to you may make a huge difference for someone else.

Blessings on your day,


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