Moon is now void (not making any major aspects) so it’s a day for completing tasks already started. 

So the moon is waning in the final degrees of Capricorn, giving us the opportunity to consider where we stand emotionally on things, what needs restructuring & where we need to be more disciplined if we want to create better outcomes.

Saturn is also retrograde so if you feel restricted in anyway – consider how this perceived impediment can serve you. For Saturn often puts an obstacle in our way to make us stop & deal with something we would otherwise avoid. If you want to pinpoint what that is specifically for you, look up where Saturn sits in your natal chart. (The glyph looks like a lower case ‘h’ with an extended leg with a cross through it & you can access a free chart with a basic interpretation from

The sign & house that Saturn was in when you drew your first breath will show you the area of your life you tend to struggle to take responsibility for which Saturn will give you opportunities to do so. For instance, if you have Cancer you need to be responsible for self care & ensuring your emotional needs get met. If you have Saturn in Taurus you need to bring the ‘inner father’ in to make sure you are disciplined with diet & exercise to counteract physical laziness & gluttony – (where I have Saturn!)

So instead of rebelling against the need for discipline – moon in Cap & Saturn retrograde asks us to reflect upon where we are our own worst enemy, sabotaging ourselves with a lack of consistency & discipline. Most of all remember, discipline must be borne out of love not fear or self loathing if it is to endure.

Blessings on your day,


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