The moon is still waxing in Capricorn, so if you’ve been lost in the soup of chaos with so many planets retrograde, today is ideal for creating structure and achieving practical tasks which support you & give you strength.

Cappy moon also invites us to assert our authority, in the form of ideas that can create something achievable. So don’t hold back if you have contributions to make, but try to stay flexible or you may witness clashes of ego’s will reveal who seeks to rule rather than lead by inspiration & example – so be mindful to not dominate others with your ideas (with Cappy’s ruling planet, Saturn retrograde). Instead offer practical suggestions & create step-by-step plans & decision-making structures where everyone gets a fair say.

This is a good time to reassert limits, if they’ve been lax as this helps to strengthen the integrity of what we’re attempting to build, be that a healthy family dynamic or the health of our own bodies. Discipline is what I’m talking about!

The way to identify the area of your life where you’ve lacked discipline is to see where you feel most overwhelmed & out of control & take steps to get a mentor who can help apply structure to achieving the results you desire to feel supported.

As someone with a Capricorn moon, the gift from my inner feminine to the world is providing structures that provide support for our psyche’s to grow, create a sense of belonging & support to nurture relationships.

If you would like to create a women’s circle once a month as a structure to grow the support of sisterhood in you life, join me for for this:

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