Moon is still waxing in Capricorn so you may feel your body creaking if you haven’t been looking after the structure that holds you – that being your skeletal system & joints.

Everything in the web of life is interconnected so the more we identify the patterns & symbology, the quicker we grasp our lessons & the easier life becomes. Since Capricorn rules our bones & joints & all the structures in our lives…here’s a few thoughts for those who have weaknesses in these areas (often common for those with Capricorn sun, moon or rising in their natal chart.)

Those with health issues in their back, often have issues around support – which starts with identifying what they need so they can create the support systems which really respond to their needs.

Those with problem knees & ankles often fear the future so resist moving forwards, causing them to become stuck in old ways that no longer serve them.

Those with hip complaints…this can signify a fearful belief that you can’t stand on your own two feet, in more ways than one.

Cappy moon asks us to get down to the bones of the matter, to the core beliefs. Then step-by-step we can strengthen what was once weak & gain increased durability, mobility & flexibility in every sense.

Our body is a great teacher & ongoing metaphor for our life. So take note of the state of your physical structure’s health as it will often reflect the state of your physical reality (such as your home, car, possessions & finances.)

Blessings on your day,


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