Today should be pretty chill as the Moon is moving through the last degrees of Capricorn & not forming any major aspects for nearly 7 hours. So this means the chance of being triggered emotionally is greatly minimised – for everyone.

This is no doubt a welcome reprise for those who have strained relations or unhealed wounds with their Dad or step-Dad or the father of their children. If you are a Dad – moon in Cap can cause you to review your own parenting.

Capricorn is the constellation which highlights our relationship with the archetypal father within our own psyche. So if we’re being overly hard on ourselves, such as never stopping to acknowledge our efforts & achievements, this is when we’re likely to feel a lack of self-worth & crises in confidence.

Our ‘inner father’ is the voice of our own Dad or father figure in our head. So if you haven’t stopped to question that paternal voice, now is an optimal time to consider whether the expectations you hold are yours or your father’s, which we unwittingly take on until the day we stop to question them.

To assist with this process of individuating from the father, I have some simple but powerful journal processes in the Athena chapter of my first book, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’. This is equally powerful for men & women since our psyche is comprised of both feminine & masculine aspects. Individuation from the father helps both men & women to mature & become whole & sovereign beings in their own right.

The more we grow up our inner father the less we will be triggered by external authority figures, including our own Dad. Here’s the link to get the book as an ebook or paperback:

The shift from Capricorn to Aquarius will see us likely to feel like relaxing the rules, letting our hair down & lighting some incense!

Blessings on your day,


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