Moon is moving into Capricorn, on the eve of the New Moon in this sign. Now this is the final day in the lunar month, so energy may feel really low today – especially physically given the moon is in an Earth sign, which governs our physical body. So if you need to rest – do.

As moon in Capricorn can tend to push us beyond our limits. Whilst this is good in some way as we can move beyond perceived obstacles – both inner & outer…it can also push us to the point of complete exhaustion.

This is because one of the major lessons of Capricorn is to structure your ambitions in a way that honours your sensitivities. As the sign of the aspirant who feels driven to build something of lasting value, it’s a lovely foundation to start the calendar year on – just don’t break your back trying to lay a new foundation.

Blessings on your day,


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