Happy New Moon in Capricorn Everyone!

Today you find yourself thinking about the structures in your life. This is moon in Capricorn influencing your musings. So feel into those thoughts as today is a great time to access your intuitive knowing on which ones are limiting you in some way & which need firmer boundaries to feel strong & enduring.

This is because Capricorn govern structures – whether that’s your bones, your marriage, your business or your home…or how you structure your time.

So consider what is holding you up & the aspects of your life & where you might need some renovation work!

We usually lean one way or the other – some people tend to over structure every aspect of their lives so they feel secure but this can end up becoming a prison of our own making…where every day is predictable & the lack of spontaneity sucks the joy of life from our bones, leaving only dust. The film, ‘The Visitor’ is a great depiction of a man overcoming this pattern.

The opposite, are those folk who do everything by the seat of their pants so often operate in a perpetual state of anxiety, overwhelm & so fail to meet their responsibilities through failure to plan.

Obviously, we’re all trying to find this balance between adequate planning to step-by-step achieve our desired intent & leaving enough room for Great Mystery to surprise us!

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Blessings on your day & your new moon,


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