Moon is still waning in Capricorn & we’re in the last days of the lunar month so don’t plan too much over your weekend if you don’t want to become a grouch.

Capricorn is one of the more serious of the signs with it’s ruling planet being, Saturn, the harbinger of responsibility. So when the moon moves through Capricorn it can cast a shadow over our enthusiasm & optimism, especially when the moon’s light is waning to its lowest ebb.

So plan to do restorative practices over the weekend that support your body & you’ll feel much better.

Capricorn rules our joints & bones, making this an ideal time to stretch & strengthen muscles to support your skeletal structure so it doesn’t bear the burden.

Capricorn moon is also a good time to review your budget & consider where you could curb spending in order to reach a goal that gives you a good foundation for ongoing security.

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