Moon is now waning in Capricorn so this is a good time to let your natural self out since Capricorn evokes our inner wild man, Pan. (He who has cloven feet…before you start Googling for an exorcist, please read on.)

Pan is an archetype who has been shamed in our culture for being uncouth, unacceptable & even ‘evil’ by puritanical doctrines which taught people to suppress their primal self-expression for fear of it’s raw power overwhelming their need to control the power of nature – the feminine.

Despite this generational legacy, most of us delighted in exploring the natural world with ‘hands on’ play in the elements as children – doing what comes naturally.

This, of course was only allowed according to the degree to which our parents disowned or embraced their primal selves as natural & in the spectrum of normal human behaviour.

If integrated, we saw our parents naked, shared baths & watched them go to the toilet. If suppressed, we were scolded for getting dirt on our clothes or taking off our shoes. The collective urge to express this aspect was reflected in the popularity of Tarzan & The Jungle Book long before Crocodile Dundee, Steve Irwin, Man vs Wild & Survivor captured our imagination.

Pan is an integral part of our psyche, regardless of our physical gender. When he is integrated, we accept our natural bodily functions & feel unashamed of our naked body & desires.

This gives us immense freedom.

So today, consider if there are any ways you shame or suppress your natural self & make a personal pledge to get to know your inner ‘wild child’ again to feel connected to the natural world & truly alive.

If you would like to understand & empower your wild selves read my book, ‘Creating Sacred Union Within’ which maps the aspects which make up our psyche.

To be guided on a personal journey to meet, express & empower each of your inner archetypes join me for my Inner Goddess Retreat in Greece in May.

Blessings on your day,


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