The moon is now void…meaning it’s in the final degrees of one sign before moving into the next & not interacting in any significant way with any of the planets.

So emotionally we may all feel a bit non-committal until it moves into Aquarius so don’t take it personally if people around you seem distracted, disinterested or nonplussed.

Void moon is a good time for tying up loose ends rather than trying to start anything new & with the moon still in the sign of practical & responsible Capricorn, attend to what’s needed & you’ll feel resolved emotionally.

In particular, give your attention to attending to what you’ve given your word to do. Whether that’s a commitment to yourself or another.

For Cappy moon transits tend to make us accountable in the places that we aren’t through some kind of physical consequence or catalyst.

So take a moment to check-in with your own intuition & ask yourself, ‘What needs tending to?’

Then make this a priority, reducing the need to run away, distract or avoid yourself unconsciously from the voice of your inner authoritarian.

Otherwise others will mirror your irresponsibility & let you down or feel over-responsible for you, creating tension & conflict.

Today is a day to do the tasks you tend to put off but need to be done to reduce your stress levels…this sign feels emotionally soothed if we have something to show for our time so apply your efforts step-by-step towards a measurable goal.

Blessings on your day,


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