Moon is still waning in Capricorn & since Capricorn rules structure, this is an ideal time to examine all the structures in our lives to discern whether they need to be adapted to better suit our changing needs.

Some structures are physical. So you may notice things that need fixing things around the house, on the car or even tending to the health, strength & stability of your muscles, bones and joints.

You may instead need to address your relationship structures. For example, changing your co-habiting arrangements so you have a space to call your own if you’re feeling co-dependent to help restore healthy interdependence. Or you may wish to reclaim a room to attend to your personal needs, such as a meditation room, man cave, art/craft studio or home office after adult kids leave home or even suggest your adult kids leave the nest if you are stressed about compensating for their lack of maturity & responsibility.

Speaking of relationships, the European leg of my Sacred Union Tour begins next week in Switzerland, with Forgiveness Ceremonies in Geneva and Lausanne, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to sharing this work with those of you in that part of the world!
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