Moon is almost void (not forming any major aspects to planets) as she moves through the final degrees of Capricorn before arriving in Aquarius later today. Void moon is a good time for attending to the details & tying up loose ends.

After that time you’ll probably find it easier to think clearly & sequentially to prioritise tasks…until then write tasks down in order of priority since void moon can see us feeling a tad vague & spacey.

In saying that, moon in Aquarius can be unpredictable…don’t fight it embrace it & you’ll have a great day, full of surprises.

Ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus warns us, ‘expect the unexpected’.

If we trust in that which we can’t see, touch, taste, feel or smell we’ll find that exciting.

Whereas if we only trust & value that which we can perceive with our Earthly senses, we will find that potentially frightening and shut down or judge anything which doesn’t confirm with our existing world view.

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