Moon in Capricorn

Sep 16, 2021

Today’s Luna Guidance for Moon in Capricorn

Moon is now in Capricorn so this is a great time to identify where you’re overspending so you can be more resourceful with what you have. To do that, ask yourself now, ‘Where am I overspending or being wasteful?’ and notice the thoughts that pop into your mind as a response. This is your intuition guiding you simply, without rational analysis straight to what needs to be addressed. Perhaps your mobile phone plan or your utilities could be less expensive if you contacted a rival company and asked if they could offer you a better deal. 

Alternatively, you could reduce the number of cans you buy at the supermarket by buying dry foods like lentils and chickpeas in bulk at a market and soaking the night before…or go shopping once a month with a friend so you can buy in bulk to reduce costs then half the items. 

Cappy asks us to look at the practical structures we create to better support ourselves…such as making a meal plan every week before you do your grocery shop so you only buy what you need to reduce waste. 

Alternatively you may prefer to shop at your local market just before they close to get cheap deals then make a meal plan based on the local surplus you bought. 

Buying seasonal produce will always save you money and be better for you. Capricorn can introduce limits as a catalyst to make us more responsible, so if you do get a big bill or get an unexpected expense like car repairs during the next couple of days, instead of going into fear about not having enough, use it as an opportunity to look at where you can become more savvy across the board.


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