Moon is now void as she moves from Sag to Capricorn so a good chill day. This is because a void moon is when the moon is not making any major aspects to any planets so all is quiet on the Western front – a good day to just BE!

Then moon will arrive in Cappy at 3.25am Tuesday 17th, Melbourne, Australia  (To convert into your local time, click here: http://

When that happens we’re going to feel like we want to work and get everything done at once, without a break. So make the most of the window to recharge your batteries now.

If you find it hard to stop – not uncommon in a modern world we’re the majority run on anxiety fuelled by fears they are not enough try making a list of all the things you never make time for, then circle the one that jumps off the page & gift yourself that activity.

Got no idea where to start? Here’s a few suggestions:

  • put on some music & draw with vibrant colours such as chalk or oil pastels (or even your kid’s crayons)
  • find a recipe that excites, buy the ingredients & bake
  • go to the park with a rug & a good book
  • catch up with a dear friend
  • give yourself a face masque & paint your toes
  • go to a film on your own & indulge in your favourite snack

You will be able to express yourself very clearly today with the with the moon sextile to Mercury. 

Blessings on your day,