Moon is waning in Capricorn which may put you in a bit of a funk since a lunar transit through this sign can leave one feeling a bit overwhelmed by the challenges of life. This is cause Cappy is ruled by Saturn, who’s the stern authoritarian.

This may surface as your own inner critic generating feelings of shame or worthlessness or someone pointing out where you don’t measure up according to their inner critic.

(Note: this is more likely if you’re living with someone with Capricorn or Saturn heavily aspected in their birth chart.)

So, should you feel like hiding away…know this influence is showing you what needs to be healed…such as projections you may have taken on from others who have judged you harshly as a way of trying to control everything & feel safe themselves.

Remember all attacks are borne of fear so when we respond with compassion we remember the wise & benevolent father within & are protected from the dark father projections of others.

With the moon in-conjunction to Jupiter & Mars, there will be a wave of nostalgic tenderness to ride to get you through. Living with purpose and resolution today can lead to amazing consequences!

We are also lucky to have the moon sextile to Neptune, with our sensitivities heightened and opportunity to see beyond the veil. Plus, a time to connect with our own wholeness and individuality.

Blessings to your day,