Moon in Capricorn

May 10, 2020

Lunar Guidance For Moon Into Capricorn 


Moon is now moving into Capricorn, Melbourne, Australia, Sunday May 10th at 7.38pm, which will help us to structure our time well today so we can meet all our responsibilities. 

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Cappy rules the skeletal system, which holds up our body. So we can apply this construct to anything we want to create…first create a structure – like scaffolding on a house, on which to build. 



My personal moon sign is Capricorn so when I write a book, I start with the Table of Contents as my structure – then as the ideas flow I have somewhere to put them so the book takes shape as I write it. My Cappy moon has also enabled me to create structures that support people to grow, like Red Tent women’s circles, Brotherhood Lodge men’s circles, Inner Goddess groups & this page which provides a structure for understanding our human psyche through the lunar phases and signs. 



If you don’t have much Capricorn in your chart (or planets in the 10th house which is ruled by Capricorn) you may feel easily overwhelmed because you don’t have an innate ability to apply an inner structure to your time and then an outer structure to achieve your goals. (To get a free chart visit – which I have no affiliation with.)



Someone said to me yesterday, ‘Successful people write lists’. Lists help us get what’s in our head (in no sequential order) into the physical reality so we can then prioritise and mark off each thing to ensure nothing is overlooked. 


I have noticed writing lists by hand is more effective than typing them into a computer as a computer is like an external mind – it doesn’t embed tasks into our somatic body like writing them down. 



A study at the Dominican University of California found those who wrote down their goals, shared them with someone and then regularly reviewed them to maintain accountability were 33% more likely to achieve them.



I have found this to be true of my students also. Those who are active on the online forums of my courses go so much deeper into the materials and practices and so experience greater shifts of awareness resulting in greater personal empowerment and transformation internally and external opportunities which reflect this.



So today is a reminder to support yourself by implementing a structure to hold you while you build your dreams. 



If you’d like to know more about the planetary influences subscribe to my fortnightly Planetary Wisdom video forecast here Try it for 30 days FREE!




Blessings on your day,






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