Moon in Capricorn

May 11, 2020

Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon In Capricorn 


Moon is waning in Capricorn so you may find issues with your Dad or your children’s father surface to show where healing or a shift in attitude would be healing. This is because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the stern authoritarian archetype of our journey around the zodiac mandala.



Similarly, you may find yourself noticing the legacy of the patriarchal era more than usual today & feeling extra sensitive to that. By that I mean, the thoughts & behaviours of the unconscious masculine (in men & women).

Such as:

– Using rules or asserting status to dominate & oppress the rights & freedoms of others. 

– Being oblivious to the sacred space of others.

– Denial of intuition in oneself or dismissal of intuitive wisdom received by others. 


When exposed to this dinosaur way of being in the world we may feel a sense of hopelessness or powerlessness. Breathe deeply & know that change is happening, even if sometimes it seems too slow to detect with the naked eye.


If you find yourself on the receiving end – observe & speak your truth calmly & use the observance of any hurt feelings as an opportunity for greater communication & understanding. As Yeshua spoke, ‘Forgive them father, they know not what they do.’


Try not to compensate for another’s unconscious behavior by compromising yourself. Sensitivity is a sign of evolution. Do not diminish, ridicule or apologise for your sensitives. 


Now we are in the energies of the Aquarian Age, an egalitarian society will evolve & the old paradigm will die out, as the wheel turns ushering in more self-awareness & enlightened choices.


If you don’t believe me, watch the 1981 film, ‘9 to 5’ starring Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda & Dolly Parton & see how far we’ve come in healing ‘the state of the union’ between opposite genders.



Instead of fuelling the old gender war, focus on restructuring what you can in your own life so your own ‘inner patriarch’ isn’t dominating your mindset with outdated values & expectations. (Such as putting money & security before love & family / soul clan).


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Blessings on your day,








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