Lunar Guidance For Moon In Capricorn 



Moon is still waning in Capricorn, which can evoke the archetype of Pan, the wild man. So if you feel like kicking off your shoes at lunch & running wild in the nearest park – all is well, your sanity is perfectly intact.


Pan can be a bit of a rebel – so you may find yourself feeling allergic to any kind of authority today. This will be more so if you have been handing your personal power over to someone & quietly steaming under the collar & resenting it.


The more we give our power over to others, by not standing up to those who attempt to treat us as less than equal the more they will continue to behave as if we are subservient. Once a pattern is set it is much harder to change it, so do endeavour to speak up sooner rather than later should someone attempt to lord power over you today.


A tell-tale sign is needing to let up steam by ranting about someone – be they your boss or partner. If you’re telling someone else how out of line they are, you can guarantee things will get worse until you find your voice.


So remember today, the power is within you & always has been. No one has power over you unless you allow it.


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Blessings on your day,