Moon in Capricorn can highlight our relationship with discipline. (If the word makes you want to run or hide chances are you may need to read this.)

Discipline is our ability to be accountable. To show up, backing up our intent, our words with appropriate action.

So…you may find you may feel easily irritated by your kids lack of discipline or their lack of respect for your authority during a lunar transit through Capricorn. Our challenge as adults is to take responsibility for where we haven’t been as constant in holding our kids / pets / clients / employees etc accountable for their actions (or non-action) with fitting consequences. if we don’t follow through with action our words mean nothing & our anger becomes a joke…on us.

Easier said than done considering 99.9% of parents in our modern culture are overworked & overtired in our society that has us raise kids in isolation rather than with the support of extended family / tribe / village.

So cut yourself some slack if you’ve not been as consistent in maintaining boundaries as you would’ve liked. Start by addressing your own need for self-discipline, such as going to bed at a reasonable hour, daily exercise, yoga, meditation – personal disciplines that will better enable you to have the energy to hold others accountable for their actions which impact on you.

We must respect ourselves if we want others to.

Blessings on your day,


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