Moon in Capricorn

Nov 8, 2021

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Capricorn

Moon in is now void as she moves into Cappy 12.03pm ADST

We may find our superhuman strengths activated by first confronting us with our frailties…coupled with the intensity of sun in Scorpio and the recent new moon in Scorpio, the sign that asks us to face off with the dragon. 

Not some external battle, but the confrontation with the things in our own psyche we may have unconsciously been trying to ‘keep together’, tamed or under lock and key, lest they get out and wreak havoc…the shadow feminine part of our psyche. Yes! Scorpio conjures storms like the African Goddess, Oya to bring things up to a head, creating big change. 

These storms can happen internally and externally. Since there is no separation…we often mimic the weather, feeling grey or stormy if that is what is all around us. Given Scorpio is a water sign, the chance of rain is increased and with that element we soften and reflect…often only after the storm has passed. Fortunately, as the moon is void today (which is akin to taking time out to speak with the coach ringside). Take the time to inhale deeply before Luna moves into Capricorn, which may evoke issues around discipline, structure, oppression, depression and the father. 

Apologies for the over-dramatic tone of today’s post…it’s just as the sun moves through Scorpio, days after new moon in Scorpio, everything is amplified and intensified. Since the moon reflects the light of the sun, this intensifies the moon sign as Lunar changes signs every two and a half days…and along with it our lesson. 

Scorpio shows us the shadow of each sign, how we enact the worst of each sign so we can learn to be more self- aware and create less drama by being more accountable and responsible. That can mean, however, that we witness even more drama than usual – as a wake up call to see our own dark side and the effect it has on the world around us. 

The greatest challenge this month is to love ourselves in spite of our shadow: our flaws, our faults. It is love that transforms and offers the ultimate transcendence which starts with self-acceptance. The ancients recognised how important it was for the psyche to have a safe and supportive space once a month to confront one’s shadow – this lessened the chance of one’s shadow self running amok amongst the village as a force of destruction on a regular basis. Without this monthly practice we have a world that is overwhelmed by the shadow and it is through the practice of sitting in circle and confronting ourselves humbly that this will change one person at a time.

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