Moon is now void (not forming any major aspects) as she finishes her move from Taurus to Gemini. This week was for many akin to an inner tidal wave that brought fears, insecurities and unacknowledged thoughts and emotions to the fore. This is therefore a time for gentle integration. So if you can, spend time in nature, gently nurturing yourself with beauty and good food – to restore the sense of how good simple pleasures here on Earth really are.

If you’re still wrestling inner waves, don’t fight ‘what is’. embrace it. (Like the Buddhist monk who encounters a pile of crap and rolls in it, acknowledging that God is that which is before you…become one with any inner crappy thoughts and feelings, for until we accept them they don’t move.)
The more we acknowledge what is within us, the more easily we move through it and not feel restless or down. It’s like a woman birthing, the more she resists the pain of each contraction, the longer the birth takes. (This is why first births often take so much longer than one is lead to believe via the rush to hospital we see in every movie scene of a woman in labour.) So enter your sadness, wrap yourself up in it and become one with it. Entertain your fears…as if there were a dark room in which you must enter to find the light switch of insight. To do this journal & / or talk with someone you trust with your innermost thoughts and feelings. Give yourself the time & space to express the places of your psyche this week’s energies took you to. It’s great to do this self expression creatively since art is the language of the soul. Art is our instinctual way to process. You don’t have to be ‘good’ at it – you just create whatever needs to come out, regardless of what it looks like…this is how we birth ourselves anew.

Moon enters Gemini 1.29pm Melbourne Australia time, for your time zone please refer to:

Blessings on your day,

Tanishka (p.s. if none of that works, put on Santana.)



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