Moon is in Gemini which can lead us to be quick rather than thorough with our communications – so with the ruling planet of communication, Mercury in shadow before turning retrograde on the 31st (a time when communications can go awry) be sure to not make assumptions & double check all plans & directives.

Gemini moon is a time to enjoy quick-witted repartee with those have a touch of the fey about them…folks who are always up for a laugh, dress-ups or party (with a penchant for sparkly things). So yes, today is the day to wear those pointy ears on the train to work! With our focus being fun, it can be hard to get through a day of responsibility for look for opportunities to make light work of dull chores by turning them into game.

This is a day for being silly, sharing jokes & oddities about life in general…yes, Facebook will be very busy with images of cats in odd places, prat falls & bad timing caught on film. If you do need a task finished today, be sure to emphasise how important it is as Gemini moon is the time when we’re most likely to not honour responsibilities, simply because we got distracted…so don’t open your newsfeed until you’ve done your To Do list!

Gemini is a time for researching bright ideas…so if you’d like to brighten up your days with more fun & laughter, check out my latest book, ‘The 28 Day Happy Challenge’ at

Blessings on your day,




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