Moon in Gemini

Jan 4, 2023

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Gemini. 

Moon is in Gemini so you may find you experience constant interruptions today.  

If you know that at the outset, hopefully you will find it easier to accept what is & not fight it. Alternatively, turn your phone off!  

Gemini moon is a time when we’re likely to be distracted easily. Take the pressure off yourself & don’t expect to get in-depth jobs done today.  

Instead, aim to keep tasks brief & divide things up into chunks if it’s unavoidable that you get work done on a large task. Otherwise, it could easily feel overwhelming & see you running in the other direction or procrastinating to avoid doing it.  

A Gemini lunar transit can bring out fickleness in some & irresponsibility in honouring commitments, in others. So, in this sign of communication, speak up if you feel dishonoured & set boundaries accordingly if you don’t want to continue to be on the receiving end of such behaviours.  

Gemini is a relatively young sign so we can experience growing pains when it comes to being responsible with honouring our word.  

Growing up is not always easy, but much more so if we get adequate access to wisdom which helps us accept the change that is occurring.  

Blessings on your day,  




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