Moon is now waning in Gemini  Do be sure to reward yourself with some social interaction today to scratch that Gemini itch – even if that’s online, such as a Skype call with an old friend if you can’t meet up in person.
As we bathe in the aftermath of my favorite full moon of the year (Taurus / Scorpio which incites love, magic, sensuality & erotic artistic expression) don’t be afraid to indulge these parts of yourself – such as appreciating the erotic beauty of flowers (genitals on stalks) & vegetables brimming with juice & seeds! You may feel inspired to create a feast fit for a Goddess to serve with friends donning wings by candlelight al fresco, for this evening’s encore of moon bathing!
This is a golden opportunity to commune with the devas of nature…be that through drawing the fey spirits that energize every being in the plant kingdom to Celtic music or spending time in telepathic conversation with the tree dryads & beings in your garden – especially fun during a lunar transit in Gemini, as this brings out their sense of humor!
Many years ago I was guided by the nature spirits in my garden, with constant jokes & laughter on how to companion plant, (which plant likes to be next to another)…only to then look up a book which confirmed every piece of advice they had offered me. I’ve never considered myself much of a green thumb, but really all it takes is a willingness to listen & time spent with the faeries in the bottom of the garden.
For those worried for my sanity, read ‘The Magic of Findhorn’ by Eileen Caddy who was guided by the elementals to create a garden centered community by working in concert with them on sandy soil in Scotland. They became famous for growing gigantic plants…which I saw in a lucid dream as I flew over huge cabbages the night before that book fell out of a bookcase & hit me on the head. Like many, I share that dream of creating a community based on these principles of communion with all dimensional realms.
Here is a link to watch a You Tube film about her legacy:

Blessings on your day,