Moon is still in Gemini, which is an air sign, making this a great time for mercurial challenges like board games or brain teasers. A lunar transit through Gemini also offers us the chance to see & explore all the options available to us in a given situation… So this is a great day to brainstorm how to achieve your big visions & dreams.

Gemini is the most chatty of all the signs, so not the optimal time to try & meditate, however Gemini favors automatic writing so to help still your mind, write down your big questions then write an unedited stream of consciousness in response. This opens up a pathway between the higher & lower mind to converse.
Gemini is the chattiest of signs so today is a day for conversing more than doing – so don’t fight the overriding energy, go with it & enjoy the uplift available through the exchange of stimulating ideas.

Blessings on your day,