Moon in Gemini

Dec 11, 2019

Waxing moon in Gemini. You may have noticed your inbox &phone going off tap with an influx of messages & calls in the lead up to today’s full moon in Gemini. This is because Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. So don’t be surprised if you hear from or bump into people you haven’t seen in ages on the street & have a darn fine yak session or find yourself on Facebook for hours, forgetting about your basic human needs!
During such a surge of mercurial energy it’s best to forget trying to focus on any one task, since Gemini is the sign of multiplicity, taking our focus in every which way that grabs our eye – like a cat watching a torch being moved around the room. (Any initiates currently taking a vow of silence…if you can get through this weekend, you’re a true master!)
So forget going to the theatre or movies this day as people are likely to chatter throughout & have their phones go off at the most inopportune time – instead, go with the flow & have a board game night!
It’s perfect for Gemini full moon – playful, silly, lots of room for using your wits & light-hearted banter throughout adds to the experience. In fact, you’ll probably have so much fun you’ll wonder why you ever stopped making time for good ol’ fashioned play & make it a regular event.
My observation is that when we become adults we often drink or smoke when we are bored or uncomfortable in social situations.
Having hosted kids parties for a few years in my twenties, let me tell you as a professional fairy – you don’t see 6 year olds sitting in the corner nursing a drink at a birthday party, because there’s too many games to play & fun to be had. (For a while there my entire social scene was with people under 10 as they knew how to loosen up & just be ridiculous together – even if they’d only just met that afternoon.)
So if we bring back more silliness & play we will see less reliance on substances to fill that void that was once filled with play. Maybe chat to your local community house about having a games night if you don’t have room to swing a cat or live next to a biker gang.
So if you haven’t got festive plans, don’t just settle for codependency with the idiot box (been there too!) Consider organizing an impromptu trivia or board games night.

Blessings on your day




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