Happy Full Moon in Gemini!
What a ride it’s been over the last two weeks as the moon waxed to full in Gemini, the sign of digital communications upon which most of us have become so reliant.
Today will see the culmination of all our efforts over the past fortnight since new moon so if things appeared to fall apart at the darkest time of the month, especially in the sector of communication, networking, IT or commerce this is when you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Gemini moon asks us to consider the possibility that nothing is at it first seems…Yes! this is the sign of deception so use your intuition as your defense mechanism to discern truth from fiction.
Let’s illuminate the strengths – which is what the full moon does. Gemini moon heightens our ability to adapt, to use our wits to create imaginative solutions which help us evolve the concepts we’re developing. This is the sign which helps us deal with change. So if there has been something in your life which needed to change & you couldn’t see how, chances are the benevolent Universe found a way to change it for you over the past two weeks in the lead up to this Full Moon.
Fortunately, Gemini is the sign of versatility, so we’re likely to be extra resourceful in the face of change & discover abilities & solutions we previously didn’t know existed.
Since Gemini is playful, social & inquisitive, we’re likely to enjoy the challenge of exploring new ideas & activities which stimulate our sense of possibility if we find a way to make it fun & social by networking with others who are aligned with our ideas. Just one word of caution, Gemini is the first air sign, so we can get distracted easily & feel restless & unable to focus or quiet our mind so take extra effort to stay grounded by eating regular protein, winding down before trying to sleep & taking Magnesium to support your nervous system.

Blessing on your day