Moon is still waxing in Gemini so this is a great window to meet new people to co-create with. This is because Gemini lunar transits inspire new ideas & possibilities, generating excitement about the future.

So don’t turn down an opportunity to interact with new folk as they may turn out to be a pivotal connector on your path. Equally, don’t be backward in sharing what you do, your ideas or your visions.

In the shadow, Gemini transits can cause us to be ‘all talk’ so be mindful that not all ideas seeded at this time will take root & bear fruit. Time will tell – but this is not the time to project outcomes.

So do follow inspired ideas to go to a place at a certain time if you get a intuition to do so. Gemini moon helps us to hear the urgings of the Higher Mind so consider asking questions & notice the thoughts that follow.

Blessings on your day,


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