Moon is void as she moves from Gemini into Cancer.

This means Luna is moving through the final degrees of Gemini but not making any major aspects to the planets which govern our chakras & the inner dimensions of our psyche which they correspond to – this is therefore a window to draw breath & integrate.

So if you can – take it easy, notice your thoughts, feelings & subtle nuances for greater cohesion & clarity moving forwards.

The shift into Cancer, the sign of the crab may cause us to feel like retreating in our shell to do this – to regroup & find our center.

So if you seem aloof, overly sensitive & needing to shut down to external input for a while in order to turn your attention inward & process, you’re right on schedule. 🙂

So now is the time to come home…to your heart’s knowing which requires we slow down so we can listen & perceive it.

Blessings on your day,


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