Moon is still in Gemini which can highlight the need to see & accept both the light & dark in ourselves. (Gemini is symbolized by the Colchis twins who show us the best & worst of our nature.)

So don’t be alarmed if you experience seeing yourself through the eyes of your inner critic & end up rejecting yourself. If this occurs, you may notice the urge to shut down, distance yourself from others or even disassociate from yourself by distracting yourself with some kind of activity.

Should you observe this tendency, have a bath! This will help get your out of the dry terrain of the mind & into the soft, fluid realm of sensuality & acceptance.

If you don’t have a bath, you can try elevating the mind by opening an uplifting book & reading just a page. (This is an ancient Celtic form of oracle, asking a book what message it has for you & opening up on a page.)

For when we are not truly available to ourselves because we are experiencing shame about who we are, it is near impossible to be available to others or life itself.

Everyone who is in a body goes equally in both directions – light & dark. We feel better when we do practices that connect us with our light but should our dark side rear its head, that’s when we have a really big opportunity to show up & truly be there for ourselves.

Blessings on your day,


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