Moon is still waning in Gemini, giving us an opportunity to observe our thought patterns, so we can bring greater awareness to how much they impact our emotional states & behaviours.

For most of our unconscious behavior is an effort to compensate for our negative expectations about life and other people. For the ego is our in-built troubleshooter, who constantly seeks proof our fears are justified. This causes us to focus on the negative in those around us, as a way of safeguarding ourselves from experiencing further pain – so we can ‘be prepared’ for the inevitable.

This means we can limit ourselves with repetitive patterns based on our limited expectations.

So today is a good time to ask, ‘Who would I be without my story?’ ‘Am I prepared to be truly naked & vulnerable mentally by letting it go & disarming?’

Gemini reminds us the mind is a double-edged sword, one a great warrior never needs to draw because their actions come from a still mind.

May we each learn to transcend the idea we must fight to win, fight to get ahead, fight to beat existing conditions or fight to get our needs met.

Blessings on your day,


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