Moon is now in Gemini so don’t be surprised if friends drop by, the phone rings off the hook & you get RSI from texting…everyone’s in a mood to chat!

This is a great time to multi-task with the ease of an 8 armed deity so you’ll probably get lots done so long as you don’t take every call – or put them on speaker phone.

Gemini can be a challenge for communication if we get distracted by every passing thought or external that catches our eye or ear so try to breathe deep & focus to avoid people feeling as if there’s no one present to what their saying.

We can also feel a bit restless under a Gemini moon which can make it a challenge to apply ourselves & follow through a single task to completion. If you find yourself wanting to flit about try to get tasks done by doing one small goal at a time.

Blessings on your day,


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