You may find you lack a bit of drive today – as if you are just going through the motions without feeling the spark of inspiration to fuel what you do…this is due to Grandmother Moon (who rules our collective inner selves) now being void as she moves through the last degrees of Gemini without forming any major aspects to other planetary spheres on her way into Cancer.

This is an ideal time to attend to tasks left undone – particularly relating to people you need to contact or things you need to do online. (As Gemini rules communication & networking, giving us grace to move forwards with those tasks.)

This is a good time to send out invitations, organize events etc but be sure to send reminders & follow up with people since Mercury the ruling planet of Gemini is now retrograde, which can cause miscommunications.

This is also a great window for connecting with your Spirit guides / angels / totem animals / ancestors via meditation or automatic writing to access guidance…guaranteed to return your zest for life!

To do this simply go within by closing your eyes, taking your awareness into your heart & invoking their presence by thinking of them. Then ask them questions. Alternatively, you can keep your ‘monkey mind’ busy by writing the inspired thoughts as a stream of consciousness after you invoke them. You may wish to write at the top of the page: Inspired Guidance for my Highest Good from (fill in their name.)

For those of you already working as scribes, bringing through ancient knowledge for our out of balance modern world, this is an opportune time for making the time to tune in & channel into blogs, books etc.

Blessings on your day,


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