Moon is now waning in Gemini which is an air sign. The air signs govern the mental plane of existence so you may find observations around mental health come to the fore – whether that’s your own or those close to you. Which can cause an unstability in our own mental well being if exposed to over a prolonged period of time.

Mental health carries a stigma more than emotional or physical health (unlike energetic health which many deny completely.)

For us to function well on all levels in every facet of our lives we need to acknowledge the need for health in all areas.

So if you are suffering any of the following: mental confusion, exhaustion, an inability to prioritize, organize or respond to challenges, overwhelm, anxiety, pessimism, self-criticism, a fearful disposition, dread, not wanting to wake up, a desire to escape, a compulsion to be in control or a sense of hopelessness about your future do not suffer in isolation as this will only exacerbate the symptoms you are experiencing.

Just understanding a condition helps alleviate the hold it can have over you, as knowledge empowers us with options to improve our current reality.

Mental illness / wellness is a part of life & our experience of being human. Acknowledging a need for more understanding, support & strategies does not mean being locked up & medicated as it once did.

So love your mental health enough to take responsibility for it or encourage those you love to take appropriate action as needed.

Blessings on your day,


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