Moon is still waning in Gemini, making this an ideal time to sort out any communication issues that need to be addressed.

Do keep in mind with the sun in Scorpio, this is a time for speaking the whole truth & nothing but the truth, so if you do ask for a candid conversation, be prepared to be called on your own unconscious behaviour & the effect it may have had on those around you.

Scorpio sun may bring to the fore any issues you have around feeing powerless, such as allowing others to dominate you for fear of the other person’s shadow behaviour or not speaking up to avoid addressing what needs to change in your life.

Sun in Scorpio can also confront us with intense emotions, so to minimise the chance of drama, do use clear communication gifted by the moon now moving through Gemini to clarify other people’s intentions rather than react based on your assumptions.

Just a heads up, Gemini lunar transits can highlight how we evade deeply personal & honest communication, as Gemini represents the young mind who tends to focus on external stimulus rather than internal processes. This may therefore highlight who is unable to face the truth, which may result in you being completely honest with yourself about how you need to respond to the truth of such a communication dynamic.

Blessings on your day,


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