The moon is still waxing in Gemini, the sign of the trickster / magician, Hermes.

So under the influence of this waxing moon we are more vulnerable to being deceived by those who have a silver tongue, promising what others most want to hear, to get what they want with no regard for the impact of their actions.

Fortunately the law of cause & effect is inescapable so divine justice prevails even if it isn’t visible to us.

Hermes governs commerce, criminal activities, magic & all IT / digital services including graphic design, web design & virtual freelancers.

So exercise extreme caution & discernment if signing contracts / making payments to anyone in these fields & be sure to write down terms of agreement & timeframes & pay only when you have received what has been promised.

If you have been the victim of one acting out of alignment with integrity do take action through appropriate channels as it is only through being caught red handed & having to suffer the consequences that those operating out of shadow Hermes change their ways. (Whilst Hermes is a male archetype, he resides in all of us at the third eye, regardless of our gender.)

Lying is most common during this time so if your children try to pull a swifty don’t laugh off their attempt, instead be sure to impress upon them the law of reciprocity: cause & effect.

Put simply, what we give out returns to us threefold!

For more info about integrating Hermes & all the archetypes which govern the energy centres, read my book, ‘Creating Sacred Union Within’

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