Moon is now in Gemini so today you may find it hard to put down your phone since this is the sign of communication.

The challenge is to be equally receptive to really hearing what others are trying to communicate since a Gemini lunar transit can shorten our attention span.

So do pay particular attention to staying with what people are saying, rather than becoming easily distracted by what’s happening in the background or your own thoughts.

By giving someone our full attention, we give them additional energy to help them express themselves more clearly, as we add to their focus. If we withdraw our attention, we undermine their ability to communicate as part of their mind wonders why we’re not listening attentively.

So if you want quick & efficient communication today, give people your full attention to avoid misunderstanding them or taking additional time to clarify what they mean.

Above all, say what you mean & mean what you say & your day will go smoothly.

Blessings on your Valentines Day,


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