Moon is still waxing in Gemini and whilst Gemini moon can be a fickle time for connecting with our true feelings, it is helpful to express the feelings behind your recent communications…giving others greater insight into your motives.

This requires we first do some self-enquiry to ponder what we’ve been feeling & why, so we can convey that to those affected by our moods, words or behaviours.

Gemini is also a very playful sign, so you may find you have quite a silly day ahead. Do exploit possibilities for seeing the funny side of every situation today, to keep the energy light & bright – just be sure your jokes are not at the expense of others.

Using humour as a weapon to minimise, exclude or undermine others occurs when we entertain ourselves with small thoughts in an effort to elevate our social status…even if only in our own mind.

This kind of behaviour is indulged in by those who don’t feed their mind with expansive philosophies…so their ‘monkey mind’ – the 10% rational mind gets bored & looks for a target of amusement.

To transcend this type of cynicism as a way of coping with life, ponder the great sayings of wise masters who have walked before us.

Blessings on your day,


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