Moon is now in Gemini so you may find it hard to concentrate on any one task for very length of time today, so do try to break the day up into short tasks to get things done both efficiently & gracefully.

Gemini moon is a young & playful energy, so many of you may welcome that reprise after the depths the new moon in Pisces took many of us into recently.

The more sensitive we become, the more the natural cycles effect us. So while we can maintain the inner witness to observe the polarity swings we must still take the journey to deepen & heighten our understanding of all aspects of life.

So do seize the opportunity to lighten up & have a laugh; do something just for fun or explore that which piques your curiosity – even if you can’t see the point immediately.

For doing something fresh & new is now the medicine which will revive you if you’ve been feeling ho hum about life in general.

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Blessings on your day,


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