The moon is still in Gemini so if you feel in two minds about something, this is the influence of this mercurial sign of multiplicity.

Gemini moon highlights our ability to scrutinise & organise all the information which we’re constantly expected to process in our digital information age.

However, let us not forget we are pure consciousness in an organic form & our data processing rational mind is only one part of us, one part of the whole.

So whilst the mind finds it helpful to be divisive in order to prioritise all the data to reduce feelings of overwhelm, if we don’t make a concerted effort to balance this mode of operation we can remain in a state of perceiving everything through the lens of judgment & analysis…even those around us. This way of seeing negates the whole of our being, which consists of layers of subtle sensate bodies of varying frequencies. The parts of us that inform us with imprints received through a state of communion with the unfolding miracle of life happening all around us in every moment.

So if you start to feel as if your nervous system is fried – unplug, breathe & attune to your whole being by reconnecting with the Mother (rather than the Motherboard) & your processing function will perform much more efficiently.

Blessings on your day,



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