Moon is still waxing in Gemini so if you’ve been busy, thinking of too many things you may succumb to a head cold with the surplus of mental energy. If you do, slow down by balancing yourself with the elements water & earth: baths, nurturing food, hydration & rest.

Avoid further exposure to cold & windy environments as this can cause anxiety if you already have an excess of air / mental energy.

Often you’ll observe the wind picks up when the moon moves through an air sign. This can invigorate those who have become stuck & staid in their ways, such as those with a lot of earth in their natal charts – in which case it can be helpful to walk in the wind to allow the air element to clear away the cobwebs in the energy field.

If you need a clearing, stand with your arms extending outwards & ask the wind to clear away all that no longer serves you & revel in the exhilaration of this raw element!

On the other hand, if you have a lot of air in your birth chart & tend toward being quick & light in your thoughts & actions, strong winds can scatter your energies & leave you feeling very uncentered & grounded…so may be use water for clearing by bathing or swimming with sacred intent instead.

Gemini is the chattiest of signs so you’ll find your phone / email may run hot & you may find it more challenging than usual to think clearly due to constant distractions. If you’re already feeling scattered, you may want to consider putting your moby on silent or taking your phone off the hook to re-center yourself.

With the moon forming a trine to Venus, this is a lovely window for socializing with good friends or sharing something you love with other enthusiasts.

Blessings on your day,