With moon in Gemini today some of you may have become caught in a head trip – giving more credence to the fear based thoughts of your mind (whose function is to trouble shoot) rather than sitting in the centered knowing of the heart.

Since Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury (planet of communication) when the moon transits through this sign we can become so focused on our mental process that we can unwittingly create arguments by trying too hard to communicate every little thought we have rather than viewing them & discerning which ones are worth relating.

This sharing of all our ‘white noise’ (inner chatter) can have the opposite effect of our intent & cloud clear communication, creating ‘mountains out of mole hills’ until we regain our ability to come back to our true selves (which reside in our heart) & acknowledge with our nearest & dearest how we  became trapped in the labyrinth of our limited thinking & rise above it by remembering the big picture. 

(The shift into Cancer will help bring everyone home to where the heart is!)

Blessings on your day,