Moon is now in Gemini so you may feel a little on the silly side today! Gemini is the youngest of the air signs & has an affiliation with the sylphs (air elementals) so if you find yourself talking in silly voices, cracking one liners or acting like a child, revel in it while it lasts.

Gemini helps us to lighten up so if you’ve got a sore neck from staring at your navel in contemplation, it’s time to look up & see the light!

If you’ve found no one to share your nonsensical self with today, perhaps when you get home, draw caricatures of people you know, watch cats on You Tube or call a friend who always tickles your funny bone.

Laughter is the best medicine. A good belly laugh massages our emotional center (our tummy) which houses our inner child. Blessed are the fools who touch our hearts with their willingness to risk ridicule.

Blessing on your day,

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