Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon Into Gemini 


Today is the last day in the lunar month so you may feel like not doing much at all, given the low emotional energy of this lunar phase.


This is a good day to reflect on the last month, in particular the major lesson you learned.



The Moon is moving into Gemini Melbourne, Australia, Friday May 22nd at 11.35pm  for tomorrow’s new moon which may usher in re-connections with people you haven’t seen in ages.

To check your times and dates:



The theme for the coming lunar month is, ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ as Gemini is the sign of siblings & friendships.



Remember, what we can do alone is nothing compared to what we can do with our friends which make the journey much more fun. Summed up by John, Paul, Ringo &George: click here 



The coming month will offer opportunities for socialising fun & play, even if outside activities in small groups are the only way to catch up or over zoom calls. So perhaps take this day to stop, pause & be with the self.


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Blessings on your day,