Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon In Gemini 


Happy New Moon in Gemini everyone! 


The exact time of the new moon is 3.38am Saturday May 23rd, Melbourne, Australia.

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Today is a very auspicious time to set clear intent that you speak from highest wisdom – now & always, also regarding play, your social life, your siblings & networking. The first 8 hrs are the most potent making it ideal to close your eyes & visualise what you want to call in for the coming month. 



You may feel sensitive regarding all forms of communication – so be mindful of not causing conflict through reactive words. On a positive note, you’ll find the right words will help motivate forward action, making this a great time to speak your truth.



Gemini moon asks us to embrace our duality – rather than just hang out in the polarity we feel comfortable in. So if you’re an intuitive / creative type, you may be presented with opportunities to use your logical / rational abilities & vice versa. You may wish to meditate upon some of the beautiful yin / yang artworks, or create your own, find some examples on Pinterest here.



Gemini new moon may also challenge you to adapt & be versatile if you’re prone to being stuck in your ways. Those with any of the fixed signs dominant in their birth chart take note: that’s Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus & Leo.



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Blessings on your day,