Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon In Gemini 


If you’re staying in your comfort zone you are not growing. Now is a good window supported by the greater forces of the cosmos to explore what lies beyond your known universe…


Luna is still transiting through Gemini, the sign of multiplicity we can feel curious about exploring other options that ignite our interest. So don’t be surprised if you notice a need to explore other possibilities in some area of your life, such as:

– other work options

– starting a study course

– a new location

– new social networks


Gemini seeks out stimulus, particularly on a mental level. So if you’ve been feeling a bit bored or frustrated by the mundane repetition of life, consider what area of your life has been lacking in growth & commit to try something new. 


Gemini moon is an optimal window to seek inspiration that inspires us to grow beyond our perceived limits – like opening a window & breathing in the invigorating energy of new life & a fresh approach. 



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Blessings to your day,





P.S. You may feel a real need to communicate – especially with those you have deep emotional bonds with. So don’t put off making that call or email to reconnect with loved ones, wherever they are on the planet.