Moon in Gemini

Aug 4, 2021

Today’s Luna Guidance for Moon in Gemini

The moon is still waning in Gemini, making this a good day to be mindful of the power of our words.

Why? Gemini is the youngest of the air signs. So when the moon moves through this sign, regardless of our personal horoscope we can say things without thinking of their potential impact.

One of the main karmic lessons of this sign is to communicate with integrity; ‘Say what you mean and mean what you say’ ideally with consideration for the recipient in how you phrase your words and the energy behind them.

The main obstacle to mastering this lesson is disconnection from our feelings. Feelings are the intelligence of the soul so if we deny, minimise or invalidate them, instead of being a multi-sensory organism we end up reduced to a mere brain in a jar, like a science experiment. This happens when one has unwittingly shut down all their subtle senses…the hundreds of receptors within our energy bodies which take in nuances of unspoken information. It is the ability to receive information through the 7 major chakras and the hundreds of smaller chakras (energy vortices) within our auric field that give us social grace.

That being, the ability to sense where others are at and what’s appropriate for the situation based on the whole picture. This is what differentiates us from machines. So it’s not surprising in a culture so dependent on technology that we end up with so many people mirroring this style of functioning, able to store and process large amounts of data but unable to function socially.

Why? When one has shut down their full range of perception, they base their perspective on the limitations of the rational mind, causing them to reduce everything to black and white thinking. Since every living organism is comprised of light, the full colour spectrum and not merely black and white such folk find life very difficult in their inability to grasp the subtleties of life.

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