Moon in Gemini

Sep 20, 2019

Moon is waning in Gemini making this a great time for business relations as well as  a really good time to attune to the superconsciousness – our interconnected ‘mind of God’, the 90%
part of our minds to intuit divinely inspired and inventive ideas that can assist the greater good with innovative
This is because Gemini rules communication – not just between us and others but between infinite divine intelligence and our rational minds. So if your mind has felt restless, if you’ve had trouble sleeping due to a busy head, start by emptying it of all the thoughts that are unresolved by putting all your ‘white noise’ on the written page and directly asking for guidance.
Doing this as a regular practice, whenever the moon is in Gemini each month and at new moon (the optimal time to
go deep within, which traditionally women did in the Red Tent) will make you less dependent on others for advice,
which is empowering.

This also includes not compulsively pulling oracle cards or trusting only the guidance of professional clairvoyants
rather than your own intuition. That isn’t to say that consulting someone who attunes to and strengthens their
intuitive abilities every day for a living isn’t a good idea, but if it becomes a dependency, ‘Houston, you’ve got a
Many people become addicted to getting readings as they’re afraid of making the wrong decision based on those which lead to their past suffering, so they feel paralyzed due to a lack of trust in themselves. However, if we don’t revere the power of the oracle, (such as consulting it obsessively) we start to get conflicting answers and end up even more confused. This happens when we demand an answer repeatedly (because we didn’t like the response we got) or seek out readings within a short time frame, rather than really applying the advice we received in an initial spread or consult. It is for this reason I feel it is unethical for a reader to agree to see a client for repeat readings in quick succession.
If we take the time to really attune to that deep quiet knowing within in our hearts, we have all the answers.
Those who are more clairsentient will feel what’s right rather than have a clear sense of knowing.
To develop self reliance and trust in your own intuition and self knowing.

Sending a deep gratitude to all those peacefully protesting  against climate change and standing up for with love for GAIA.

Blessings on your day




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